The future is… ”too fast, too furious”

Stelios Anastasiades

Advertising and communications,
Telia & Pavla BBDO and Chairman, Cyprus Communication Agencies Association (SDEK)

After working in broadcasting for more than 20 years in the US Stelios returned to Cyprus in 1981 and joined an offshore marketing firm: Memo Marketing, where he served as an account executive and copywriter. In 1982, he branched out on his own and founded Telia & Pavla Advertising Ltd. In 1990, Telia & Pavla became the first agency in Cyprus to align with a worldwide network (BBDO Worldwide). He has attended numerous conferences, workshops and seminars within the BBDO network and at the BBDO University and has also concluded a senior management course at the INSEAD International Business School in France. Recently, he founded The Hybrid Advertising Alliance as a swift and direct response to the severe economic crisis that crippled the advertising industry in Cyprus. The Hybrid Alliance brought together six specialized agencies under one roof, supporting one another through synergies, sharing costs, exchanging services and maintaining a talent and service level that is arguably better than that of the pre-crisis days.