Why Sing Science?

Jonny Berliner

Science troubadour, Jonny Berliner, is a pioneer of the geek-pop genre, on a mission to make science accessible to all.


His unique brand of comedy-science songs were originally commissioned for the Guardian Science Weekly podcast, after which he became a regular contributor to science festivals and comedy nights, alongside some of the world’s leading science communicators. Notably, he headlined the first ever comedy night at the Large Hadron Collider, attracting over 10,000 online viewers.


Jonny is also an experienced science educator in the formal and informal education sectors and an expert in using song as a teaching tool.  


TEDxUniversityofNicosia Performance:


Why sing science?


Science troubadour, Jonny Berliner, explains how the art of songwriting can make science more accessible and entertaining, and why this is increasingly important for society in a post-truth world.


Twitter: @jonnyberliner