The future of man-kind heading into space - from the future of aviation, to space tourism, to space colonisation.

George Danos

Mankind has always been reaching for the next frontier. Today this frontier is Space. The future of our species is outwards into space, colonising new planets. We’ll explore this journey; mankind’s next foothold.

Space research,

Cyprus Space Exploration Organisation (CSEO)

Founder and President of CSEO with a vision to stimulate the island’s high-tech innovation, with so far impressive and captivating results that are of public benefit. Founder of Virgin Biznet (London) and former Director of Virgin Enterprises (UK), of Sir Richard Branson; the mother company of Virgin Galactic (pioneering space-tourism company). Member of leading international space organisations with a long active career in space exploration and high-tech. Connected with the leaders of the world’s major space agencies and the international space industry. Listed as eminent alumnus of Imperial College, London.