Imagine your future: using science fiction prototyping in education

Etienne Auge

No one can predict what the future of education will be yet it is high time to make it happen. How about using the power of science fiction to help students develop their knowledge, creativity, adaptability and storytelling skills?

Erasmus University of Rotterdam

After studying in England and California, he obtained his doctorate in history from EHESS in Paris. Etienne has spent many years working in the Middle East and Central Europe. He specializes in propaganda, public diplomacy, international communication, the middle East, and science fiction and has published several books about his research. Etienne F. Augé collaborates regularly with and trains diplomats at Clingendael, the Netherlands Institute of International Relations. He is founder/director of CHIFT (Community for Histories of the Future), an initiative to study and stimulate the production of science fiction.