October 11, 2017

Impossible Works: Tί εστί TED;

Το TEDx University of Nicosia, η διοργάνωση που θέτει στο επίκεντρο τις επιστημονικές και τεχνολογικές αναζητήσεις, την καινοτομία και την δημιουργικότητα πραγματοποιείται με τη στήριξη της Τράπεζας Κύπρου στις 11 Νοεμβρίου με θέμα GAME OVER. PLAY AGAIN? Χορηγός επικοινωνίας του φετινού TEDx University of Nicosia είναι η Digital Tree e-Publishers. Events όπως αυτά των TEDx, αποτελούν το θυγατρικό…

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October 4, 2017

Care For Your Mind Like You Do Your Body – Dr Jessamy Hibberd

Mental illness is a global societal concern that’s addressed frequently today. Whether in the media, across social media platforms or in day-to-day discussions with friends, conversation regarding the rise of mental health problems like anxiety, depression and low self-esteem is becoming prominent.  Especially so when there are reports that mental illness has become an epidemic…

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September 28, 2017

Digital Literacy and Roya Mahboob

We live in a knowledge society, one where digital literacy is everything. Communication today is largely conducted in a digital realm. No longer is in-person engagement the norm, not when digital devices have become the platform of choice for purposes of expression, of advocacy, of conversation. With over 2.5 billion internet users and a global…

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