Domestic violence against women is not a little known phenomena. It’s reportedly become an epidemic of global proportions, which is no surprise given that “almost one third (30%) of women have experienced physical and/or sexual violence by their intimate partner in their lifetime”, according to a recent WHO report.

In fact, so prevalent has violence against women by an intimate partner become, there’s growing recognition of it being classed a violation of women’s human rights.

Online campaigning to end domestic violence

Many campaigns exist today dedicated to the empowerment of and ending violence against women globally. And the fight to raise awareness has largely turned online.  Social media has become a platform and outlet for domestic violence advocates and victims to speak up and break the silence.

Emma Murphy is one such spokesperson.

A 28-year-old fitness blogger and single mother of two, Emma faced repeated domestic battery from her now ex-boyfriend and father of her children.

After one such incident in 2015 that left her with a black eye, Emma decided to turn to social media, where she posted a vulnerable video of herself telling the world about the abuse, deceit, lies and betrayal she was experiencing.

In doing so, Emma consciously turned the fear associated with being a victim into a pivotal life-changing moment, refusing to let domestic violence diminish or define her as a person.

To date, the video has been viewed over 50 million times worldwide. Emma is now a Domestic Violence Advocate, travelling the world to raise awareness for women and children who cannot speak for themselves.

Emma truly embodies the notion that when it’s Game Over, the time to Play Again is possible – it’s just believing that the power to create change is literally in your hands.