5 Things I Learnt Through Gardening

Sofia Matsi

Sofia Matsi studied Chemistry at the University of Cyprus. She transitioned to the Arts with a Fulbright Commission scholarship, earning a Master’s in Fine Arts (MFA) in drawing at Florida Atlantic University. Corresponding to her growing environmental concerns, she completed her basic education in Permaculture through a Permaculture Design Course, followed by a Permaculture Teachers’ Training with Rosemary Morrow. Since then, she has been dedicated to the reformation of her family land into a productive permaculture farm. Sofia has always been involved in teaching: chemistry, art and permaculture. Through her involvement in private and collective initiatives, she has become a firm promoter of a natural lifestyle, by researching and applying natural food, health, energy, and building alternatives.

Facebook:  so.ma.543
Website:  petrera.land/

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A journey through natural food growing, herbal experiments, trail running and community building, this is the story of how a financial and social crisis sparked a quest for a lifestyle rooted in nature.